Park Hyungjin | Fine art artist


People meet, shake hands and hug each other, talk to each other, eat and drink tea. Also, the time when I traveled freely has become a nostalgic memory these days.

In this poster, the 2020 SISFF, is presented as a "medium" between people in the Corona –blue further is described as a "pretty large, soft mass" symbolically. The characters, whose ages and genders are hard to measure, are a combination of "various generations," namely the elderly and young, women and men, while the leaves, dogs, cats, birds and backgrounds mean the appearance of nature that co-exist with mankind. With a heart-shaped, soft lump of soft yellow between them, you and I mean that we are connected together.




Directors |Kim Hae-ri



Grandmother and granddaughter dance in their respective rooms. When they open the door and dance together in the living room, it turns out that they are the same person. Just as the elderly's past is the young and the future of the young is the elderly, the "old" and "young" are the same "people" like decalcomanies. And just as grandmother and granddaughter become one by dancing, I hope all audiences will become one through the "2020 Seoul International Senior Film Festival."