“The Sight of SISFF: Facing sides” presents Korean feature films Land and Housing and Small Bird and Mr.Pig. Land and Housing focuses on people who considered a space more communal than any other living spaces home as well as another existence that formed the place with them. Through this film, we would like to face the side of the space which people left. Small Bird and Mr.Pig comforts lives through the arts afloat in everyday life and gets to the reason why people face other people in the end. What could we realize in terms of space, people, and the sides we can face?
Land and Housing
서울국제노인영화제 2022-05-09 오후 17:32:17
info 2020 |82.23min|Documentary | Korea 
Director Kim, Kiseong 
Screening Schedule 5.20 (Friday) 15:30 CGV Picardiri 1958 6 Hall GV 

01_봉명주공_스틸 이미지.jpg

Built in the 80s, Korea National Housing Corporation Apartments in Bongmyeong is a first-generation apartment in Cheongju. Although the district around it was designated as a maintenance area in 2008, the construction started in 2019 a long time after the residents had had a difficult time selecting a constructor. The residents who had waited in the hope of thwarting the redevelopment plan until the end, start moving out one by one, and the gardens and trees they have cultivated get cut off. Meanwhile, those who want to remember the disappearing place begin to visit Bongmyeong Jugong Apt.